Novacoast’s Sales Connect

Important Information, Policies and Eligibility


Attendance Eligibility

  • All full-time Sales employees
  • Directors of Security Services
  • Executive Team 
  • Other employees at management discretion


  • Novacoast will provide all eligible employees with roundtrip airfare from your departure (home city) point to the meeting.  Novacoast will not cover open jaw airfares (multiple destinations) except in the case where you are coming directly from a client to the meeting or need to go directly to a client.
  • Employees living in the Salt Lake area must drive to the meeting.
  • You will be responsible for any change fees if you choose to change your airfare for a non-work-related purpose once tickets have been issued.
  • Flights will be booked in order for you to arrive on-time for your first scheduled meeting. This may require you to travel the day before your meeting due to airline schedules.
  • Flights will be booked into Salt Lake City International (SLC) airport. 
  • Extending your stay or planning to come early?  Novacoast can arrange travel that fits your schedule, however, if the dates you plan to travel make the airfare more expensive than the rate for our meeting dates you will be responsible for the fare difference.   


Ground Transportation/Parking and Car Rental

  • Novacoast will provide transportation to the hotel. Transportation may be provided by shuttle Uber or UTA Trax Transport System.
  • Parking and Transfer services will only be provided on the days of the meeting.  Shuttle services are only valid from SLC to the designated hotel.  


Travel for Utah Employees

  • Utah based employees are eligible for mileage reimbursement if the meeting location is more than 25 miles from their home.  


Travel for employees electing to drive

  • Mileage reimbursement for the those who elect to drive to the Sales Connect Meeting will be capped at a $200 flat reimbursement.  
  • Carpooling with another Novacoast employee who is attending Sales Connect will raise the mileage reimbursement cap to $250.  
  • Novacoast will cover your parking 
  • Meals and hotel, while en-route to/from event may not be expensed.  


Travel Expenses when flying to the Sales Connect Meeting


Expenses eligible for reimbursement:

  • Long-Term home airport parking only (not hourly lot);
  • Ground transfer services to/from home (taxi/Uber/Lyft) to/from airport instead of parking; 
  • Parking is only eligible for reimbursement for the number of days you are at the meeting;
  • A $30 Stipend for out of state (UT) will cover the following (do not submit for these items):
    • Meal while traveling to the conference
    • Roundtrip UTA Trax Transfer from SLC Airport - Hilton - SLC Airport
    • Breakfast - Thursday (July 15) morning


Expenses NOT eligible for reimbursement:

  • Checked bag fees;
  • Meals while traveling;
  • Upgraded airline seating charges;
  • Valet fees;
  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Transfers outside of regularly scheduled meeting dates;  
  • Parking on days/nights not required by meeting attendance;
  • Cab to/from airport and meeting location/hotel.


Employees in Attendance


Monday, July 12 - Directors of Security Services / Sales / Executive Team / Other Employees at Management’s discretion

Tuesday, July 13 - Directors of Security Services / Sales / Executive Team / Other Employees at Management’s discretion

Wednesday, July 14 - Directors of Security Services / Sales / Executive Team / Other Employees at Management’s discretion

Thursday, July 15 - Invite only



Internet Access

  • In room internet access is included during your stay on our meeting dates. Wireless internet access is also included in the meeting space. 



  • Breakfast – included in the meeting space
  • Lunch – is included as outline on the event site
  • Dinner – Evening meals are included for all in attendance on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights


Guests, Minors and Extended Stays

  • Guests travel expenses are not included in this event.
  • All eligible employees are permitted to bring one (1) adult guest (+21) to the Monday and Wednesday evening events.
  • All employees and guests (including employees local to the Utah office) are invited to the Tuesday night Open House and Food Truck event.
  • All guests must be registered if they wish to attend any of the evening events.
  • You may add additional hotel nights at your expense.


Dress Code

  • Dress for all of the Novacoast meetings is smart casual. No T-shirts, shorts or ripped/torn jeans.
  • Evening events are casual.